Saturday, February 23, 2013

90% Reduction of Green House Gases by the Year 2050 Without Destroying Capitalism

I am generally skeptical of Global Warming Alarmists and Climate Change Hoaxers.  However, if they can unload their bill of goods whilst leaving the economy in which I make my living intact, while I may not look upon them with favor.  I will at least think that they are not immediately trying to pick my pocket.

I have also often thought the Global Hoaxers and Climate Fraud artists were agents of a foreign power seeking to destroy the west to that China will  be the sole remaining super power.  Those who say their goal is to reduce green house gas emission by 90% by the year 2050 do not appear to overtly be agents of a foreign power.  Perhaps they are legit?

This does not mean I hold them and their methodology blameless in all regards.  For instance, one of the means by which these particular Green Weenies propose to save energy is by sealing up leaks in older buildings.  I wonder if this might create more sick building syndromes.  Sealing up a building gives germs and bacteria more opportunities to grow and be circulated throughout a building.  Moreover, there are materials that outgas and produce various odors and fumes.  It might not be good for folks to get concentrated whiffs of this.

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