Sunday, April 7, 2013

Digital Designer Drugs

Digital Designer Drugs

Imagine a world wherein a new, never before seen space virus shows up and begins sickening people by the boatload. Some dude, any dude, walks up to an infected person, scans the patient with the tricorder app he has downloaded on his smart phone. After a few moments the phone beeps and says: Scan complete. So the dude activates the Digital Design Drug factory app on his phone and instructs it to interact with the tricorder app. The drug designer runs for a couple of minutes and then beeps and tells the dude that the cure for this disease can be found at a pharmacy 300 feet from the present location. The dude goes and buys a couple of dozen cheap pills that never existed before this very hour and cures everyone he knows. Nearby folks hunting for cures on the mobile internet stumble upon his new cure and the pill making, buying and consumption frenzy is on. The deadly disease is wiped out within hours.

Push Button Cures and Automated Health


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