Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Top Ten Most Controversial Blog Posts on the World Wide Web | poetryman69 on Xanga

How to Prove that Global Warming and Climate Change are Hoaxes and Frauds

How to Wage War on the Poor
 How to Cure it All: Curing all Diseases, Sicknesses, Illnesses and Injuries.

If you promise to leave the children alone

How to Find Out If You Are Gay

How to be a Government Groper at a Federal Fondling Station

How to Get the National Security Agency to Clam Up

How to See that Al Gore is No Longer Drinking The Corn Kool-aid

How to Shove a Turkey in Your Face

How You Can You Kill Anyone You Want?

How to Turn in That Stupid Jerk. You Know The One. Your Neighbor

Had Enough?
Here's more:

 How to Engage in Scientific Wishing
How to Make the Government Do all the Work
How to Do Energy Secession Without Committing Crimes Against the State
How to Enrich Millionaire Marxists
 How to Save the Environment Without Becoming a Communist
 How to Prove That All Professional Sports are Fixed and Rigged
How to Avoid Perverts and Perversion and Live a Pervert Free Life
 How to Eat a Dragon
How to Celebrate the 9 Daze of Dumb Azz
How to Buy an Ugly Necktie
How to Marry A Rich Lesbian
How to Zap Zesty, Zooming Zeitgeist Zit Zombies with a Zippy Zoning Zed Zither
How to Avoid Terrorism At Your Local Bank
How to See that There Is No Minimum Daily Requirement for Refined Sugar
How to Buy a Home You Will Hate
How to Steal One Trillion Dollars
How to Destroy the Country
How to Get the Government to Spy on You
How to Observe National Pooper Scooper Week
How to Observe International Twit Award Month
How to Get Stung by Bees and Like It
How to Steal An Election
How to Have the IQ of a Fence Post
How to Make Electricity Prices Necessarily SkyRocket
How to Celebrate Valentine's with Peruvian Frog Juice
How to Calculate Doomsday
How to Eat the Impossible Mission
How to have Sex With An Alien
How to Be a Cyber Slacker
How to Go on a Digital Diet
How to End Terrorism
How to Celebrate Pantless and other Fetishes
How to Wear an Ugly Bikini.
How to Commit Cyber Suicide
How to Build a Time Machine
How to be a Terrible Texas Toilet Terror

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