Monday, October 7, 2013

How to Have a Wedding to Remember on 11/12/13. To a Memorable 11-12-13.

One way to have a wedding that everyone will always remember is to have it on a date that everyone will always remember.  A date like 11-12-13 comes to mind.
There are any number of other things you can do to have memorable nuptials.
Have an Ice Wedding:
Almost any extraordinary setting will do for an extraordinary wedding.  Why not have you wedding in an ice hotel?
 Ice Hotel
Nordic Escape
Where to Chill Out
Have a Green Wedding
Given the number of people who are talking a green game, you might want to have a green wedding just to show you can walk the walk!

7 Ways to Have a Green Wedding

Green Weddings - Earth Friendly Weddings

Green Weddings News

How to Go Green: Weddings

Sweet Sticky Rainbow Wedding
Think of it as a cartoon wedding.  All gumdrop and lollipops.  All rainbows and moonbeams.  Incense and peppermints.  Unicorns and dandy lions.

6 Ways to Color Your Rainbow Themed Wedding

Rainbow Themed Beach Wedding in Costa Rica - Boho Weddings

Rainbow Wedding Ideas - Bridal Guide Magazine

Militant Milk Mustache Wedding
This is an invitation to have a wild wedding.  It could be anything from the bride and groom going commando to having you and a priest jump out of a perfectly good airplane and recite your vows as the grounds comes up at 120 mph.  There's the underwater wedding.  The bungee jumping wedding.  The hot air balloon wedding...

10 Extreme Weddings

Unusual is theme for extreme destination weddings - San Jose ...

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Rainbow 111213 Throw Pillow 20" x 20"
Rainbow 111213 Throw Pillow 20" x 20"

Key to the Rainbow Vortex Continuum
Fountain of Rainbow Fire Print
Whirlwind Rainbow Case iPhone 5 Case
11/12/13 Rainbow Wings Throw Pillow


Wedding Fever 11/12/13

How To Get A Blessing By Being A Blessing: 11/12/13
Weird and Wacky Weddings 111213 11-12-13 11/12/13 11.12.13
If You Bless Them, Will They Come?

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